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Intra Haryana: An Employee’s Individual Portal

intra haryanaIntra Haryana: An Employee’s Individual Portal. There are three main portals, HRMS, E-Salary Haryana, and Intra Haryana, for the Govt. Government’s employees, which contain all details from financial to individual information.

It contains various information about all employees of different departments, like education, finance, and transport, of the Haryana Government. It is a portal for me and you if we are working as an employee in the Haryana Government.

Thus, all employees of the government must understand all points within Haryana. I have seen employees asking how to operate intra-Haryana to check their personal details.

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Intra Haryana: An Employee’s Individual Portal

The article on Intra Haryana will deal with all the aspects which are available on the portal. Let us discuss the major parts of portal that are useful for us:

Intra Haryana
Intra Haryana Login

Step-by-Step Guide to Login Portal

Intra Haryana login is the beginning of understanding Intra Haryana. Follow the steps to login intra Haryana.

As a Haryana Government employee, logging onto the Intra Haryana site is the first step towards gaining access to critical information and services. Here’s a quick guide to help you through the login process:


  1. Enter your Mobile Number
  2. Enter Your Password
  3. Enter Code: 63565…….
  4. Login
  5. New Registration
  6. Forget Password: Enter your Payee Code
  7. You will get option to set your new password


Step 1: Enter Your Cell Phone Number
Navigate to the Intra Haryana website and look for the login option. In the designated field, enter your registered cellphone number.

Step 2: Type in Your Password
Next, enter your unique password for your Intra Haryana account. To avoid login troubles, make sure you input the password correctly.

Step 3: Enter the following code: 63565……
Intra Haryana has a verification code method for added security. On your registered mobile number, you will receive a one-time verification code. Enter this code in the appropriate field.

Step 4: Select “Login”
After entering your cellphone number, password, and verification code, click the “Login” button. This will validate your credentials and allow you to access the Intra Haryana portal.

New Registration: If you are a new user with no previous Intra Haryana account, you can choose the “New Registration” option. Follow the on-screen prompts to finish the registration process by entering the required information and creating a secure password.

Forgot Password: There is no need to be concerned if you forget your password. Simply select “Forgot Password” and you’ll be requested to input your unique Payee Code. You will receive additional instructions to reset your password and restore access to your account after giving the Payee Code.

Setting a New Password: After completing the forgot password process, you will be prompted to create a new password for your Intra Haryana account. To build a strong and memorable password, follow the suggestions provided.

To ensure the security of your account, keep your login information private. To protect the security of your account, keep your password up to date and avoid sharing it with anybody.

Conclusion: The Intra Haryana login process is user-friendly and designed to give government employees with quick and secure access. Employees can easily access their accounts, check personal details, and take advantage of the numerous services available through the Intra Haryana portal by following the steps provided. The login process serves as a portal to a world of information and services, allowing government personnel to stay informed and handle their professional affairs more efficiently.

Congratulation, now you are logged into your intra Haryana account.

Header of Intra Haryana

The following screen will appear:

Header of <yoastmark class=

  • Home
  • Change Password: You can change your
  • LogOut

Main Menu of Intra Haryana

  • Personal Detail
  • e-Salary
  • Leave and Tour
  • Annual Property Return
  • Disciplinary Action
  • Validate Service Book
  • Family Details
  • Joining After Transfer
  • Training Modules
  • PPP Data Verification
Main Menu of Intra Haryana
intra haryana

Intra Haryana’s Main Menu

Personal Information: This area comprises the employee’s personal information, such as name, contact information, address, and other pertinent information.

Employees can view their salary-related details, such as monthly pay slips, wage structure, and deductions, through the e-Salary area.

Employees can apply for leaves, monitor their leave balance, and check the progress of leave applications in this section. It also contains information on official tours.

Employees can file their annual property returns in this part in accordance with government rules.

ACR/APAR: Employee performance evaluation reports are contained in the ACR (Annual Confidential Report) and APAR (Annual Performance Appraisal Report) sections.

Disciplinary Action: This section contains information on any disciplinary action taken against an employee.

Employees can confirm their service book entries and review the details of their service history.

Employees can edit and view their family details, such as spouse, children, and dependents, in this section.

Employees can get information about their joining after transferring from one department to another in this section.

Training Modules: Employees can learn about the numerous training programmes and modules that are available to help them grow their skills.

Personal Detail of Employee’s Portal

  • Service Book
  • Bio Data
  • ACR Pending
  • Previous GPF
  • Missing Credit GPF
  • Loan Repayment Details
  • Current GPF
  • Pension calculator

Service Book: The service book section offers detailed information about an employee’s service history, such as date of hire, promotions, transfers, increments, and other pertinent information.

Employees can access and edit their personal information, such as name, date of birth, address, contact details, and marital status, under the bio data section.

ACR Pending: The status of the Annual Confidential Report (ACR) that is pending for the employee’s evaluation is displayed in this section.

Previous GPF: In this section, employees can view information about their previous General Provident Fund (GPF) contributions and withdrawals.

Missing Credit GPF: This part allows employees to verify and report any missing credit in their GPF account if there are any discrepancies in their GPF account.

Loan Repayment Information: If an employee has taken out any loans, this part details their loan repayment plan and outstanding amount.

Current GPF: The current GPF section keeps employees up to speed on their General Provident Fund balance and transactions.

Employees can estimate their pension benefits in the pension calculator area depending on their service length and other pertinent parameters.

The Employee’s Portal’s Personal Details section seeks to give employees quick access to their critical personal and financial information, ensuring transparency and efficiency in managing their employment-related data. Employees can utilise this user-friendly portal to update their information, verify their GPF contributions, monitor their ACR status, and plan for their future pension benefits.



e-Salary Services

Employees who need a salary certificate for a bank loan or some other purpose can easily get their salary slip from the portal, as it is linked with the e-Billing of the departments.

Intra Haryana provides employees with a comfortable platform to access numerous e-Salary services, which are critical in managing their financial information and salary-related concerns. Intra Haryana provides two critical e-Salary services:


Annual Salary: Employees can readily access their annual salary details via Intra Haryana’s e-Salary programme. Employees can use this feature to see a detailed breakdown of their annual earnings, including basic pay, allowances, deductions, and other benefits. Employees who have access to their annual wage information can better organise their finances and comprehend their overall income.

Monthly Salary Slip: Employees can now access and print their monthly wage slips through Intra Haryana. The salary slip is a thorough breakdown of the employee’s monthly salary credited to his or her account. It details the basic salary, any allowances, deductions, provident fund payments, and net payable amount. Employees can verify the authenticity of their compensation and maintain track of their earnings on a regular basis by accessing their monthly salary slip.


Intra Haryana’s e-compensation services provide employees with convenient and safe access to their financial data, boosting openness and efficiency in compensation management. Employees can keep informed about their wages and make informed financial decisions by using these services, ensuring financial well-being and stability.

Leave and Tour Record

Employee can apply leave on this portal and his travel record can be found.

with those working with the government, Intra Haryana provides a complete system for managing leave and travel records. Employees can conveniently maintain their tour records and apply for various types of leaves using this feature. It streamlines the leave application process and gives staff members and management a transparent platform to track leave and tour information.

Key characteristics:

Employees can quickly apply through Intra Haryana for a variety of leaves, including unpaid leave, earned leave, medical leave, and more. Employees can choose the type of leave, set the duration, and give a reason for the application thanks to the user-friendly interface.

Each employee’s leave balance is also shown on the portal, allowing them to verify their remaining vacation time before applying. This tool aids employees in efficiently planning their vacation time and makes sure they stay within the allotted leave quotas.

After being submitted, the leave application goes through an approval process. Based on organisational policies and workload considerations, the authorised authorities assess the application and decide whether to allow it or reject it.

Tour Record: Intra Haryana also makes it easy for employees to keep track of their official travel. The objective, location, length, and associated costs can all be entered by employees for their tours.

History of Leave and Tours: On the portal, employees can view their history of Leave and Tours. It gives a thorough record of previous vacation days spent and tours taken, making it simple for staff to keep track of their official engagements and attendance.


Efficiency: By streamlining the leave application process, the digital Leave and Tour Record system saves time and effort for administrative staff as well as employees by decreasing paperwork.

Transparency: The online platform guarantees transparency in the approval process for leaves of absence, and staff members have real-time access to the status of their leave requests.

Accuracy: The portal’s automated calculations remove the possibility of leave balance problems, improving the accuracy and dependability of the system.

Convenience: The Leave and Tour Record area is easily accessible by employees at any time using their own Intra Haryana portals, making it a useful tool.

In conclusion, the Intra Haryana Leave and Tour Record function improves the effectiveness of managing leaves and official tours for public servants. The Haryana government’s workforce is more organised and accountable because to its user-friendly interface and transparent procedures.

Annual Property Returns

The Annual Property Returns (APR) form can be submitted by employees using a specific part provided by Intra Haryana. All government officials are required to report their immovable property, including any land, homes, and other assets, that they or members of their family own in the APR. This procedure guarantees accountability and transparency among government representatives and aids in avoiding any possible conflicts of interest.

The Annual Property Returns, which seek to uncover any inconsistencies or unauthorised employee property acquisitions, are a crucial component of the integrity framework inside the government system. Employees disclose their assets and guarantee adherence to the laws governing property ownership by filing these returns.

The Annual Property Returns filing process on Intra Haryana is user-friendly and secure. Through their personal portals, employees can visit the APR section and provide the essential information on their assets and properties. To maintain the system’s integrity, accurate and current information must be provided.

Employees help to promote accountability and transparency within the government administration by filing their Annual Property Returns via Intra Haryana. This practise supports public confidence in the moral character of public servants and aids in upholding the highest ethical standards.

ACR/APAR: Employees and their reviewing authorities can evaluate performance and follow developments using the ACR (Annual Confidential Report) and APAR (Annual Performance Appraisal Report) sections.

Disciplinary Action: This feature addresses disciplinary issues and enables managers to keep track of any disciplinary actions taken against workers.

Employees can check and verify their service books to make sure that the information is accurate and current.

Employees can maintain and update information about their family members, including their spouse, children, and dependents, in this section.

Joining After Transfer: This functionality streamlines joining procedures and documentation for employees who have been moved to new postings.

Training Modules: To improve staff skills and expertise, Intra Haryana provides a variety of training modules. Employees have access to training resources and can sign up for pertinent courses.

PPP Data Verification: The topic of data verification for the government’s Public-Private Partnership (PPP) programmes is covered in this section.


Easy Navigation: The Main Menu offers a clean, user-friendly interface that makes it simple for staff members to find and use the necessary services.

Time-saving: Because the Intra Haryana web platform automates various procedures, like examining salary slips and submitting leave requests, it saves time for both administrative personnel and employees.

Information that is centrally located makes it possible for staff members to easily access both their personal and professional data.

Accountability among the government workforce is improved through the portal’s promotion of transparency in numerous processes, including leave approvals and performance reviews.

In conclusion, the Main Menu of Intra Haryana provides a wide range of services to employees of the government, encouraging effectiveness, openness, and simple access to crucial data and capabilities.

In conclusion, Intra Haryana serves as a revolutionary platform that gives state of Haryana employees quick access to a variety of services and data. It functions as an employee’s personal gateway and a central centre for handling personal information, wage data, leave records, and many other things.

Intra Haryana improves administrative procedures, saving both employees and government officials considerable time and effort because to its user-friendly design and wide range of functionality. The ease with which one can obtain monthly pay stubs, see and update personal information, and apply for leaves and tours from the comfort of one’s workplace improves the effectiveness of government operations as a whole.

Additionally, the platform’s inclusion of features like Annual Property Return, ACR/APAR, Disciplinary Action, and Family Details guarantees that workers may effortlessly carry out their professional responsibilities while staying on top of important documents.

Intra Haryana helps to create a more efficient and well-organized government workforce by promoting openness, accountability, and correctness in personnel records and performance evaluations. Its relevance as a solid and trustworthy digital solution is further enhanced by the seamless validation of service books and verification of PPP data.

Intra Haryana, which enables personnel to embrace technology for their advantage and the improvement of public services, unquestionably marks a significant turning point in the state’s march towards e-governance. The site will surely be a key factor in changing how administrative activities are done inside the Haryana Government as it continues to develop and adapt to the changing needs of government workers.

In conclusion, Intra Haryana is more than just a gateway; it is a symbol of the state’s dedication to efficiency and modernisation. It represents advancement, accessibility, and empowerment for every government worker, allowing them to devote their whole attention to serving the public with pride. Intra Haryana will continue to be a leader in innovation as the digital landscape develops and strives to improve the quality of life for public servants.

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