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By M.S.Yadav,Principal | 18 February 2023

I am a learner and I have learned blogging through hard work. I am working as a Principal and have been teaching students for last 25 years.........

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How did I Become a Quality Blogger?

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M.S. Yadav, a passionate educator and blogger with a unique narrative to tell,  lives in a little town called Jhajjar. M.S. Yadav had the vision to make a difference in the lives of students beyond the bounds of his school, driven by a passion for teaching English and a strong knowledge of the power of education. Inspired by his humble origins as a government school student and his family roots as a farmer, he went on a blogging journey to share his knowledge and experiences with the world.

M.S. Yadav founded several websites to meet various educational needs, including readlearnexcel.com, lessonplan.readlearnexcel.com, msyadavblogger.com, studentblogginghub.com, and haryanashikshasamachar.com. Each website served a distinct goal, whether it was to provide thorough Excel resources, lesson plans for teachers, or a place for student bloggers to display their work.

M.S. Yadav’s competence in teaching English at various levels, combined with his promotion to principal in a remote location, provided him with a unique perspective on the educational system’s issues and prospects. He not only excelled in the classroom, but he also provided free entrance counselling to students and parents. His dedication to empowering students and guiding them through their educational path distinguishes him as a superb instructor.

M.S. Yadav’s blog provided useful insights and suggestions on a variety of educational themes. His blog postings were well-received by readers because they were not only informative but also imbued with his personal experiences and tales. M.S. Yadav’s narrative abilities enthralled his audience, making complex subjects more approachable and relatable.

M.S. Yadav, a blogger from a farming family, recognised the value of hard work, persistence, and endurance. He accepted these characteristics and used them to his blogging endeavours. His dedication to excellence and ongoing self-improvement was evident in the calibre of his blog entries and their impact on his readers.

M.S. Yadav’s career as a blogger and educator was motivated by a genuine desire to make a positive difference in the lives of people, not by monetary gain. His commitment to offering free admissions counselling demonstrated his unselfish personality and persistent confidence in the transformational potential of education.

Finally, M.S. Yadav’s experience as a teacher, principal, and blogger exemplifies the attributes of a good blogger. His experiences fuelled his drive to share knowledge and empower others, which stemmed from his rural upbringing and enthusiasm for education. He developed a platform through his websites and blog that not only provided excellent resources but also fostered a sense of community and support. M.S. Yadav’s path inspires aspiring bloggers, reminding them that with passion, effort, and a genuine desire to make a difference, they, too, can become successful bloggers and leave a lasting mark in the digital world.

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