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Haryana Teachers’ Transfer Policy2023

Haryana Teachers’ Transfer Policy2023, Courtesy to Secondary Education Haryana.

Teacher Transfer Policy 2023: Haryana Govt. Approved the new teacher transfer policy. Under the new transfer policy, a teacher can stay at a school for five years. There will be no zones in the new policy.

“As per the earlier policies dated May 30, 2014 and September 28, 2018, jobs were provided only to the dependents of martyrs who were killed in border skirmishes, terrorist attacks or riots and were declared as martyrs by the Ministry of Defence or Ministry of Home Affairs respectively,” the statement said.

Key Points of Haryana Teachers’ Transfer Policy 2023

The zone concept has been abandoned – Among the significant changes recommended in the draught policy is the elimination of the notion of zones Marks based on State Teacher Awards and National Teacher Awards.
A teacher can only work in a school for a total of five years.
A teacher can stay in a school for a maximum of five years during his or her service tenure, according to the new policy.
Aside from that, the new policy includes a graduated provision for widows.

Ten blocks Policy Changes for New Teachers

Regular teachers and guest teachers who are eligible may choose a minimum of ten academic blocks.
For state cadre and district cadre roles, the new policy will require qualified regular teachers and all guest instructors to choose a minimum of 10 academic blocks for all blocks in a certain district.
Normalisation will be performed for each block and position, taking into account both regular and guest instructors’ preferences.
Furthermore, all male and female teachers whose spouse works in any Department/Board/Corporation/PSU/State University of Haryana State or any Central University situated in Haryana or Central Govt. /PSUs and working on a regular basis or posted as guest faculty in Haryana, Delhi, and Chandigarh will be given a maximum of 5 marks.
C&V teachers will be given preference because they are part of the district cadre.
As a district cadre, C&V teachers will be given priority over TGT cadre teachers in their district to ensure their posting within the district.

Haryana Teachers’ Transfer Policy2023: Courtesy to Haryana Govt.

The following is the Haryana Teachers’ Transfer Policy 2023. This is for educational purpose for the teachers of Haryana.

Haryana Teacher Transfer Policy
DSE Haryana


Transfer Drive Update

New transfer policy 2023 released

Inter district transfer of JBT starts from August 11
District allotment to 2017-batch from 14th August

Yes/no option will be asked from all cadres from 18th August

Transfer orders will be issued by 30 August

Main Drawback of New transfer policy 2023 

These are my personal views on teacher transfer policy:

  • No Importance is given to seniority.
  • The values of hard work and Quality are ignored.
  • If a teacher has a 100% result, no point is awarded.
  • If a teacher teaches in the class and helps the school perform well, credit is given to the head of the institute.
  • A younger person whose spouse is working may get 5 points extra.
  • An elderly person whose spouse is not working is totally discriminated against and will not get the station of his or her choice.
  • If a principal has joined a new school and the person can’t claim the class result as well as the school result,
  • A senior will be assigned to a distant station if neither spouse works and no results are available, whereas a younger person with a spouse who has been a principal for more than three months will be assigned to a local station.

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